The Hat | Captain Yehaw's signature touch.

The Hat | Captain Yee Haw’s signature touch.

Many people ask Captain Yee Haw about his signature hat. Hot Air Balloon pilot Mike Drysdale is a color outside the lines kind of man. You cannot mistake him in the field when you see this larger than life figure wearing this hat, there is no mistaking who it is. With his signature straw hat, he calls “Showtime”.  Country boy Captain Yee Haw shows up stepping out of his personal owned vehicle, fully equipped with fishing gear and fishing poles in the back, pilot bag in hand.

With boots on his feet and Showtime on his head, he meets and greets all of his nervous passengers. With his down-home humor and easy-going spirit. Pilot Mike Drysdale introduces himself to the people who will be his captive audience for the next three and a half hours.

After the first few minutes, passengers feel like then have known Pilot Mike Drysdale for a lifetime. They sign in and then off on their hot air ballooning adventure they go. He has worn this style hat his entire career. Although the original hat was retired, he gets the same brand every year. Sometimes he will go through a couple in a year to keep it looking respectable. You might see Captain Yee Haw in public and you will not see him wearing his hat. Why you might ask?

When Captain Yee Haw wakes up in the morning, he makes his tall cup of coffee and checks weather for the up and coming balloon flight.  As he grabs his pilot gear he grabs his Showtime on the way out the door to meet his balloon passengers. He says that when he puts the hat on, it’s Showtime. A lot like an actor living the part, when Showtime in on his head… He knows it’s time to put on the show in the hot air balloon.

Captain Yee Haw a rebel at heart, originally insisted on wearing Showtime to break the dress code that most hot air balloon companies had. Showtime, an outdoor ballooning adventure, and a country boy at heart…. it became a signature piece of his show. Originally worn to in defiance became a staple of who he is as a pilot. He wanted to offer a different and unique experience with his customers, and he wants to give them an experience unlike any other. It’s this attribute in general and his safe professional balloon flying skills in specific that made him desired by many companies.

So, the history has it, Showtime was here to stay!

He has flown many people from many walks of life. All equally unique and very special to him. If you want to see what they say about him, please take a look at his testimonials.

We look forward to sharing the memory of a lifetime with you.

Always remember, that you have a friend in the ballooning business!

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